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♦     LED light or Tamperproof Sensor is added on this special tag. HKRAT-ZT02 provides excellent reading range and reliability for industrial applications such as asset tracking, warehouse management, logistic and supply chain management.

♦     With its robust design, it is durable for different applications, it performs reliably in environments with metal and other non-RF-friendly items. This ensures an accurate readability. It is suitable for working under heavy duty environment.

♦     It enables the most cost effective operation in the long term. Unlike other active RFID tags, ZT02's battery is replaceable. Operators can replace a new battery when it runs out

♦     ZT02's mounting design allows user to fix it on items easily. It is user-friendly and convenient to install. With the tamperproof sensor, it is suitable for real time tracking. Besides, all trigger history can be recorded for further analysis.

♦       Encoded Radio Transmission at 2.4GHz

♦       Replaceable Battery

♦       Mounting Design

♦       Stable performance

♦       Durable with special plastic

♦       External Probe or Internal Sensor.

♦       LED light with trigger for wide application.

♦       Customizable Beacon Rates

♦       Superior Anti-Collision Technology for High Tag Densities



2.4GHz ~2.5GHz ISM


RF Power Output

0dBm (1mW)



16~18μA, 3V





Data Rate




Read more than 100 tags simultaneously



Read only, with unique ID


Battery Life

Around 2 years, depends on LED(battery life measured at 3-second motion beacon interval)


Reading Range

30 to 50 meters (Depend on Reader Antenna)



78.8mm x 33.6mm x 9.7mm


Operating Humidity




Accelerometer, Vibrator

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