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♦♦ 2.4GHz Active RFID for Access Control Solutions
      Access Control in Luxury Residential Area

Everyone wants to living in a comfortable home, especially who pursue premium living standard. Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has recently worked on a project to implement our active RFID access control system in a luxury residential area in Hong Kong so as to bring a better living environment for the residents through advanced technology.
Each of the resident would be assigned an Active RFID tag, Hussar™ (HKRAT-NT02), which contains a unique identification as resident card. Residents’ information such as name and address is stored in the card for identification and security purposes. The tag would not create any burden for the residents due to its small and stylish design so that it is very easy for carrying.

RFID readers and antennas are installed at entrances or any facilities in the residential area. Whenever a resident approaches the locked door with an active tag, the RFID reader and controller can identify the tag ID and unlock the door automatically. This practice allows limited access of buildings and uses of facilities only to the authorized residents with the corresponding tags. Residents can simply walk around the residential area without any access barrier. As you can see, the active system offers not only efficiency, but also higher level of security.

Real Life Applications:

Active RFID access control system is applied in a wide range of areas around the residential area. The following illustrates how much convenience and security our active system can bring to the residents:

Lobby – Hands-free Access

As mentioned above, readers and antennas are installed at the entrance of every premise. Read range can be adjustable to as short as 0.5 meters as per requirements. As a result, doors will automatically unlock themselves to permit entry of residents carrying authorized active RFID tags when they approach their corresponding block. The RFID tag can be used alongside with other forms of authentication methods such as passwords and electronic cards. Besides, entry and exit history is recorded at the management office at lobby. Another key features is its anti-collision ability which allows multiple residents passing through the door at the same time and their unique ID would be identified and recorded automatically.

Mailbox – Automatically unlock

Besides, the active reader would be installed near to the mailbox. Respective mailboxes will only open upon reading of the corresponding authorized active RFID tag by the active RFID reader installed at the mailbox area. Hence, residents no longer need to carry keys to unlock the mailbox as long as they carry the active RFID tag. This can save bringing fewer heavy clumsy keys, provides higher-end living standard for residents and maintain privacy and security at the same time.

Lift – Automation System with high security

Antennas and readers are installed in the lift lobby for reading of active RFID tags that residents carry with them when approaching the lift lobby. To enhance security and efficiency, residents no longer need to press the floor buttons in the lift to get to the destination. Once the reader reads the active tag and the information associated with that particular tag, the lift will stop at corresponding floors automatically. In other words, unauthorized people cannot enter the lift without permission and they do not know which floor the residents usually stop by and thus enhance security of the residents. This practice is currently adopted in some high-ranked hotels. Thus, all the residents need to do is to walk into the lift with their active RFID tag.

Clubhouse-Premium services

Readers and antennas are installed at different areas inside the clubhouse. Doors in different zones would be opened for the residents automatically whenever they approach to the doors. Apart from access to the clubhouse building and different facilities,. another key benefit is that the active tag can record all the transactions inside the club in a month and then send the monthly statement to the residents so that the residents do not need to bring any money with them whenever going to the club. This provides ease for residential and recreation management inside the clubhouse.


  • Enhanced security through limiting access to authorized residents only
  • Improved customer satisfaction with automated services
  • Increased access control visibility for management
  • Accurate in-out records of residents
  • Raised living standard of residents.
  • Easy to carry the active tag and it has stylish design.
  • Accessories can be added on.
  • Multiple tag readings
  • Reduced unnecessary belongings such as keys and petty cash.

The latest RFID access control system offered by Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is an active access control system. Why active?

Automation of active system

Automation in various service aspects in the residential area provides efficiency and convenience to residents in their daily lives. Residents no longer need to remember passwords nor bring lots of keys or electronic residential cards. There are many outstanding advantages of the active tags-- the world’s smallest, stylish design, can be added on with accessories such as key chain, batch, or silicone case for protection, replaceable battery that means the tags can be reused and the battery can be easily found in the market,  easily attachable to bags or hanging on necks.  Access control can be done easily and timely with active RFID tags and readers.


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