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Security of personnel and assets should always be put at top priority for every organization. Providing a secure working environment and a safe place for customers can make everybody at ease, especially for those which require high security level such as hospital and club house etc. Access control and establishing restricted access area through adopting RFID Active system are the keys to achieve this.

Our Active Empress reader can accurately pinpoint and track the location of the personnel and equipment. By using the world smallest Active tags, all the movements of people and assets can be identified in any environment at all time. Besides, gates which are set up with Active reader would only permit access of authorized personnel. In case of emergency, prompt action could be taken to safeguard the concerned personnel. Besides personnel, valuable equipments such as computers should also be protected. By tagging the assets with the active tag, it could trigger an alarm whenever it is being taken out of the specified area. At the end of the day, a comprehensive report regarding personnel movement and assets inventory can be generated.



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