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♦     The Hussar™ Active Tag provides excellent reading range and reliability for high value applications such as people or asset tracking, inventory management, supply chain management and so on.

♦     It is small in size, and is easy to carry around with its key fob design. It has great RFID performance but of low cost. This makes Hussar™ the best choice for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications and construction safety.

♦     Knowing your customers well would eventually lead to better customer services. Hussar™ tags could be mapped with customer information stored in the database and such information could be retrieved instantly when the customer visits. Customer behavior like visiting frequency could be gathered with the help of Hussar™ tags. Such information could be used for reference in developing future product or service launch.

♦    With its small size, stable and impressive performance along with our active readers, Hussar™ tags would make an excellent and extendable CRM system.

♦       Encoded Radio Transmission at 2.4GHz

♦       Stylish outlook

♦       Compact size, with keychain design

♦       No interfere with other 2.4GHz network

♦       Extra low power consumption

♦       Battery replaceable

♦       Customizable Beacon Rates

♦       Superior Anti-Collision Technology for High Tag Densities



2.4GHz ~2.5GHz ISM


RF Power Output

0dBm (1mW)



16~18μA, 3V





Data Rate




Read more than 100 tags simultaneously



Read only


Battery Type

Lithium CR2325 replaceable coin cell


Battery Life

Around 1 year (battery life measured at every 1-second motion beacon interval)


Reading Range

30 to 50 meters (Depend on Reader Antenna)



52mm x 30mm x 4.5mm

Product Certificate:FCC & CE

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