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Mining is another hazardous industry which posses a threat to the safety of mining personnel and equipments. It is of paramount importance to ensure their safety on company and government level. Although maintaining workforce safety is a common goal, it is a challenge to the industry due to the harsh environment and water content from human beings. Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has newly launched rugged Active RFID systems to address and monitor the issue, in addition to the following special features:

  • Permit access to merely authorized person
  • Restrict access to dangerous area so as to reduce risk of injury
  • Install add on features like sensors and alarm
  • Monitor mining personnel in real time
  • Provide instant support whenever in emergency
  • Keep track of RFID tagged assets
Our Active RFID system is robust and be able to withstand harsh environment. Besides it provides the longest reading range compared with passive RFID system. Garrison Active tag HKRAT-ZT01 is specifically designed for heavy industry. It complies with different sensors such as accelerator and vibrator, and also triggers buzzing alarm system. LED light can be added on as well.
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