• Construction

Employees and workers are essential assets for a company. As construction industry posses numerous potential dangers or injury, construction safety for the workers should be assured. To achieve this, visibility of frontline construction personnel should be improved by using high-valued RFID Active system.

Different from the traditional RFID systems, the new rugged RFID Active system- Empress provides the longest read range in the world (adjustable from 0.5 to 50 meters radius). Besides, it also works perfectly under harsh, wet and metallic environment. The robust Garrison 2.4 GHz Active RFID tag HKRAT-RT0X must be the tag of choice. It has long battery life and allows many add-on features such as LED light, Buzzer system etc.

In the tag, all elementary information regarding the workers is stored and retrieved by the active reader. Workers with Active tags would be tracked in real time throughout the construction site and the workforce from back end office can control and deliver efficient commands to the frontline by monitoring them at all times. In case of emergency, back office staff can locate the workers, communicate with the key personnel and take prompt actions. As a result, safety of all workers would be raised and accident rate would be declined.










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