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♦     The Tempcorder™ Active Tag is a fully wireless device which provides excellent reading range and read/write reliability for different applications such as environment control, rail track monitoring, hazard prevention and so on.

♦     Our Tempcorder™ tag is durable for different applications, it performs reliably in real world environments around liquid, metal, and other RF-unfriendly conditions, and ensuring an accurate readability. It can be read at a long distance up to 50 meters. Its anti-collision ability meets more than 100 tags simultaneously.

♦     It can be used in temperature monitoring to deliver accurate real-time temperature data to central location. It allows operators the flexibility in de-signing monitor and control system with the software program.

♦     Besides, the battery life can last for more than 3 years, with its robust cover; it enables the most cost effective operation in the long term.


♦       Waterproof, dust proof, shock proof, IP68

♦       Durable, Long battery life

♦       Wireless temperature sensor

♦       Accurate thermometers


2.4GHz ~2.5GHz ISM


RF Power Output

0dBm (1mW)



16~18μA, 3V





Data Rate




Read more than 100 tags simultaneously



Read only


Battery Life

Around 3 years(battery life measured at 3-second motion beacon interval)


Reading Range

30 to 50 meters (Depend on Reader)





Detect Temperature range

-20ºC to +70ºC


Temperature Accuracy

+/- 1ºC


Temperature Resolution


Product Certificate: FCC & CE

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