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♦♦ Active RFID solutions for Construction Site Safety
      RFID alarming and tracking system

Active RFID tags, each with a unique ID, are attached on construction workers’ helmet. Since the helmet has to be worn at all times when inside the construction site, the tags are carried around by the workers at all times also.
  • Ensure safety of workers in construction site
  • Better staff management
  • Higher labor efficiency and productivity
  • Higher visibility of operation flow
  • Reduced human errors in manual recording system
  • Increased capability utilization
  • Better planning and use of resources

Personal Warning System
Active RFID personal warning system prevents unauthorized access to dangerous areas in the construction site, avoiding accidents caused by incautious workers.

When a worker is trying to enter the dangerous zone, readers at the entrance of the zone detect presence of tags on his helmet. The buzzer built-in with the tag will emit alarming sounds to warn the worker. The operators in the site office would also be informed with a warning message shown on a PC or LED display.

Real-time Location Tracking System
Active RFID system provides real time location tracking of workers in different zones of the construction site, providing information for central office to enhance staff management.

  • Attendance record of workers

Active readers are installed at the entrance of the construction site. Attendance of workers are recorded automatically when workers walk through the entrance and enter the site with their helmets. Manual system for signing in and out is not needed anymore, overall efficiency and accuracy is enhanced.
Arrangement of two readers for distinguishing workers’ check-in or out records.

  • Location tracking in construction zone

Active RFID system has reading range up to several dozen meters radius. Readers are installed in various zones for full coverage of the construction site. When the worker walk along the site, readers keep detecting the signal from the tag. Such signal is sent to the central office every second, performing a real time location tracking function for all the workers.

  • Staff management at central office
Readers installed at entrances detect the entry of workers into specific zones. When workers are inside a zone, a PC/LED display at central office shows the information of each worker, including name, ID number, registration data and any other useful information. The central office can better monitor the allocation of workers to each zone more efficiently.








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